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Hailing from Bainbridge Washington, Livingston Seagull has been making music as early as 2009. These fellas riffed, toured the west coast, recorded a demo, partied harder. When summer came to its conclusion, the Seagulls found themselves spread between Seattle and Bellingham, as the four young men took to education, dishwashing, chilling, and high art making. Several years went by in this long distance rock n roll relationship, a 7″ was released, an LP partially recorded. Reunited in Seattle at long last in 2013, the boys crafted a fresh new EP – The Puget EP Limited to 300 copies on a gorgeous blue in November 2014.

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Track List:

1. Frog Rocker 04:44
2. Spine 02:52
3. Tumble Dry Low 02:22
4. Tales of Lolita 01:16
5. Independence Day 03:00
6. Salty Summer 01:58
7. Sucker Pop 04:57

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