Illuminasty is proud to present Half Right/ Timmy, a 7” EP by our very own Nail Polish. The record includes two brand new songs from the greasy yet explosive NYC duo, whose “delightfully unpolished” brand of Rock ‘N’ Roll is likely to inspire midnight “punk as fuck” themed weddings, and of course, dancing.

This limited release is available for pre-order now!

The Half Right/Timmy 7” is on classic midnight black wax, and protected by a standard cardboard sleeve featuring slime green minimalist artwork atop a picket fence white background.

the boys are leaving townDonor Pre-Sale Package

They’ve hit the road to spread the shred from Brooklyn to Detroit! Catch ’em in a town near you and tell all your friends about their new favorite band (good line, right? I just came up with it – Editorial Barbarian)