Illuminasty is proud to present Half Right/ Timmy, a 7” EP by our very own Nail Polish. The record includes two brand new songs from the greasy yet explosive NYC duo, whose “delightfully unpolished” brand of Rock ‘N’ Roll is likely to inspire midnight “punk as fuck” themed weddings, and of course, dancing.

This limited release is available for pre-order now!

The Half Right/Timmy 7” is on classic midnight black wax, and protected by a standard cardboard sleeve featuring slime green minimalist artwork atop a picket fence white background.

the boys are leaving townDonor Pre-Sale Package

They’ve hit the road to spread the shred from Brooklyn to Detroit! Catch ’em in a town near you and tell all your friends about their new favorite band (good line, right? I just came up with it – Editorial Barbarian)


In case you missed it, Nail Polish have been getting some well deserved praise for their first single ‘Stay Gone’:

“The bright guitar-and-drum battering elicits dreams of the garage pop and psych unions that have come from the cult of Burger Records in recent years, and Brodine’s voice is insolent and spot-on as he laments a life that feels stuck.”

Impose Magazine


“The new single brings to mind similar groups like Wavves or even some of the punkier elements from a band like So So Glos.”

Austin Town Hall


“Nail Polish hit us with two and a half minuets of garage rock heaven, the state side two piece’s latest track Stay Gone is laid out on surf vibe guitars and a driving beat taken over by the most awesome, lazy vocals.”

Shop Lifter’s Union


If you didn’t go to The Know to see So Stressed, Sloths and A Volcano, even though The Portland Mercury recommended it, then you seriously missed out.
We only hope Shelby Kray caught it on film.

SLOTHS are playing at the Know in Portland this Wednesday, the 16th. They’ll have tapes for sale.

Check out So Stressed; their self-aware, jaded, semi-ironic crust sound will blow you away with its sincerely brutal yet sometimes spastic fit and finish.

A Volcano also fucking rips, but I dunno how to talk about them without going into where they fit into post-rock and that’s a rabbit hole we don’t have time for– but yes, they are a really cool band.

Anyway, the show is only 8 bucks, which to us sounds like an incredible value.


We are pleased to announce the latest member of our burgeoning little cult: Nail Polish!

Nail Polish, our first New York-based artist, are a product of the East/West cultural exchange. Guitarist and lead singer Nic Brodine (from Seattle) met bass player Jason Rivette (from New York) while doing some inexplicably perverse act. At any rate, the two quickly established a musical connection and have been playing together as Nail Polish ever since.

Nail Polish


I first saw Nail Polish at Elvis Guesthouse here in NYC and knew immediately that we had to put something out with them. Stay tuned for further announcements in the weeks to come; in the meantime, enjoy an older track, “Go for a Ride” – only available here on the Illuminasty blog.


For updates, follow Nail Polish on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We are excited to announce that WEEED is going back on the road! The Bainbridge Psych-rock band will be showing off their new configuration as a four piece, welcoming Evan Franz to the group. WEEED will play a mix of new material, as well as songs from their celebrated double album, Our Guru Brings Us to the Black Master Sabbath – Available now for streaming and purchase at
12/29 – Port Townsend, WA @ The Cellar Door
12/30 – Bainbridge Island, WA @ Seabold Community Hall
01/05 – Eugene, OR @ The Boreal w/ Mad Alchemy, Snow White, Band and Pancho + The Factory
01/06 – Ashland, OR @ Club 66
01/07 – San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel w/Dead Meadow
01/08 – Sacramento, CA @ Starlite
01/09 – Tacoma, WA @ The New Frontier Lounge
01/10 – Seattle, WA @ Barboza w/ MTNS and X Suns
01/12 – Portland, OR @ The Liquor Store
01/15 – Bellingham, WA The Shakedown w/ Low Hums and Dog Mountain

Hello friends,
We’re writing today to relay the unfortunate news that the Vinyl has been delayed, from July 7th to the 28th. If you pre-purchased a record, do not fret! you will be mailed a copy promptly when the vinyl ships to our HQ at the end of July. We will be shipping Deluxe and Donor package T-shirts and CDs immediately. Please do not be alarmed if you receive a shirt and CD only, the vinyl will ship separately.
And while the rest of WEEED’s touring will go on as planned, please know that we’re grateful for your ongoing patience and support. Thank you.
With gratitude,
Tristan, Ryan, & John
Illuminasty Records

We are thrilled to e-troduce the 2xLP from WEEED, their first with Illuminasty, Our Guru Brings Us to the Black Master Sabbath, a dynamically heavy record—but one with plenty of head-space. Embraced and at times, frustratingly defined by fans of so-called ‘Psychedelic’ rock, and tie-dyed bucket hats—WEEED’s work stands out as defiantly benevolent, with their compelling blend of the avant-garde and hallucinogenic finesse that culminate in what The Stranger has described as “gorgeously melodic.”
Although originally raised in the damp backwoods of Bainbridge Island, Washington, WEEED has wasted no time in touring the last few years in their local region and along the west coast. The resulting embrace from fans has led the band to expand their itinerary with Our Guru…, this time around all of the U.S. (See full dates below). “The album is a climax in the synchronicity that brought each of our lives to this moment, together,” says drummer John Goodhue. “We see it as a logical progression and zenith of our communal and individual growth, as well as the convergence of our aged and recent musical influences.”
To define these songs’ wide sonic boundaries through ubiquitous touchstones such as Sleep , Weedeater, Boris or Electric Wizard would deny the band of its own sonic milieu. Our Guru…, exemplifies a band charting the human experience through various traditional Chinese compositions, Tuvan and Mongolian throat ensembles, krautrock, and desert blues.



2015 Tour Dates:
7/8 – Seattle,WA @ The Sunset w/Ancient River
7/9 – Tacoma, WA @ 733 w/Clocks and TBA
7/10 – Olympia, WA @ Guest House w/Heavy Petting, Sawtooth
7/11 – Portland, OR @ TBA w/TBA
7/12 – Arcata/Eureka, CA @ TBA w/TBA
7/13 – San Francisco, CA @ TBA w/TBA
7/14 – Oakland, CA @TBA w/TBA
7/15 – Santa Cruz, CA @TBA w/TBA
7/16 – Los Angeles, CA @Programme Skate/Sound w/TBA
7/17 – Los Angeles, CA @ Rockwood House w/Melanie Odelle and TBA
7/18 – San Diego, CA @ Ken Club w/Deep Sea Thunderbeast, Barrows
7/19 – Phoenix, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room w/TBA
7/20 – Albuquerque, NM @ TBA w/TBA
7/21 – Austin, TX @ Beerland w/TBA
7/22 – Lafayette, LA @ Artmosphere w/Melanie Odelle
7/23 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa w/TBA
7/25 – Nashville, TN @ Queens Ave w/TBA
7/26 – Atlanta, GA @ TBA w/TBA
7/27 – Athens, GA @ TBA w/TBA
7/28 – Asheville, NC @ Tiger Mountain w/TBA
7/29 – Winston/Salem, NC @ The Garage w/Daddy Issues, Blizzard Babies
7/30 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA w/TBA
7/31 – Kempton, PA @ House w/TBA
8/1 – Boston, MA @ Spare Room Sessions and The Banana Hammock
8/2 – NYC, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ TBA
8/3 – Kingston, NY @ The Anchor w/INNIS and Shana Falana
8/4 – Cleveland, OH @ TBA w/TBA
8/5 – Cincinnati, OH @ TBA w/TBA
8/6 – St Louis @ Foam Coffee & Beer w/Rip Rap and Sole Loan
8/7 – Chicago, IL @The Cobra Lounge w/ Killer Moon
8/8 – Chicago, IL @ Wally’s World w/TBA
8/9 – Milwaukee, WI @ TBA w/TBA
8/10 – Minneapolis, MN @ House w/TBA
8/11 – Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin w/TBA
8/12 – Kansas City, MO @ TBA w/TBA
8/13 – Denver, CO @ Lions Lair w/TBA
8/14 – Boulder, CO @ TBA w/TBA
8/15 – SLC, UT @ Diabolical Records w/TBA
8/16 – Boise, ID @ House w/Sloths
8/17 – Missoula, MT @ The VFW w/TBA
8/18 – Spokane, WA @ TBA w/TBA
8/19 – Bellingham, WA @ The Shakedown w/ dræmhouse
8/20 – Seattle,WA @ Blue Moon w/ dræmhouse
8/21 – Bainbridge Island,WA @ Mushroomson Airplane w/TBA